(NOVEMBER 29, 2019)

Zubin Ray
Senior Product manager Flipkart

11.30 GMT / 17.00 IST / 18.30 JAKARTA

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Goutam Mondal
I'm a Project Manager. How can I become a product manager?
Where should the journey start for a first time PM? What should be the key things to focus on, learn?
Where and how should we start product management. I am an engagement manager but my work is aligned with product management. Since I am in service sector , its not a very clear PM path.

How to steer clear in PM here? Would appreciate if you give some notes on PM interviews and ow to crack them. How to answer in PM interviews
What should a product managers resume look like.. what contents should be there.. can you share one?

Common questions asked in product manager interviews
What skill set is required to be a PM for internet based company like Flipkart.

I have 9+ years of product management experience in telecom domain. So my PM fundamentals are very strong but when that ask if i have prior experience of e-commerce the answer is No.

So how do i break into such internet based company. Would you refer a candidate like me in your org or to your frends in other internet company.
Ajanthan Mani
How do you align the product vision with the business model which has multiple revenue streams.
Anik De
How to look at future prospects of success as a product manager ???
Your story of the very first time setting the goals and identifying the market
Kumaraswamy Srikantappa
When ever the M&A happens like Walmart completely acquired Flipkart, How the product goals will be affected?
Balaji Subramanian
What has been your biggest failure till date as a PM? Any learnings from that?
Tanuja Vallabhaneni
Useful resources for new product managers?
Zubin Ray
Senior Product manager Flipkart

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