(DECEMBER 6, 2019)

Abhishek Ghosh
Product manager OYO Brazil & Mexico

13.30 GMT / 19.00 IST / 20.30 JAKARTA

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What mistakes should a product manager never make?
What are the top 5 things you should NOT do as a product manager?
What are the best product management tools and why? What are the most favored tools used by product managers in big product companies?
How do I deal with cross-functional politics in a product management role?
What skill set is required to be a PM for a company like OYO.

How does OYO (product) decide on a new country/city before launching? Can an official source share the entire process?
What are the basic principles that should be followed before launching a new product in a new country?
What is it like to work as a product manager at OYO Rooms? What sort of opportunities could a person be looking at after working in the role for several years?
What are the top considerations for marketing when launching a new product for a new startup?
What's the best way of learning product management?
As a product manager, what has been your biggest product failure?
Abhishek Ghosh
Product manager OYO

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