(MARCH 06, 2020)

Darshan Naidoo
Product Solutions Analyst at iKhokha

15.00 GMT / 20.30 IST / 22.00 JAKARTA

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Our Product is semi finished stage & is already being used by several clients. There is no Analytics built in previously to understand User behaviour (Which page users visit often, which button gets clicked often, etc.,).

How should I go about building analytics?

1. Complete the product & implement Analytics
2. Build the Analytics for existing ones & develop new ones with AnalyticsIs it worth the effort to use time tracking tools that really do measure how time is spent at work?

How to handle customer's request that is against company policy? For example, our company has decided to use cloud plat form to ensure security or our desktop application. A big customer requested offline version which we cannot provide.

What does a customer profile contain?
What are some good analytics software for SAAS products? wrt to customer churn, segmentation of customers and product metrics
How can you conceptualize and drove projects/strategies across various life-cycle stages of customer e.g. origination, on-boarding & activation, cross-partner integration, reactivation and win-back/retention?
How do I connect my CRM to my SaaS product to track customer product?
How do you create your customer product map?
What are "habits" or skills that help Product Managers create better, more customer-focused products?
What are the best approaches to figure out what customers want as a product manager?
How do you stay close to your customers as a Product Manager when your company and your team scales?
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