(JANUARY 10th, 2020)


CEO at Incredbots
Chief Product Officer at Evenea
Head of Growth at Adviser

11.30 GMT / 17.00 IST / 18.30 JAKARTA

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Sometimes users actually wants the opposite of what they are asking for or simply don't know what to ask. How do you know what people really mean when you conduct interview?
There is no way we can build products that are loved by everyone. There are always some trends that influence and change perception. How do we keep up with this psychology where in the user might need something but is forced or psychologically influenced by a trend.
What is your favorite strategy to find customer "jobs to be done" or even customer insights?
I have been interested in how psychology affects product choice for a consumer. Can you suggest a source for learning consumer psychology for PMs - a book/videos/workshops?
When it comes to money, how to find balance between making people happy and making money for business? People are happy when they get more for less money, whereas business wants to earn more using all possible ways.
Marketing teams in big and even small companies are known to use neuromarketing to make the most effective advetrisment. Have you experienced such thing in your startaps and product?
How do you measure people's love for the product in metrics?

Adrian Milnikel
CEO at Incredbots
Chief Product Officer at Evenea
Head of Growth at Advisero

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