Brief Description
In this section, you will be able to review the most important elements of the product team's work processes in order to quickly integrate yourself into the team and work together.
Methodologies and frameworks

Many PMs say that they use Scrum, Kanban or other methodologies. In practice, each company has its own work processes, which don't always coincide with the canonical ones that are described in textbooks. But there's no need to worry if this is the case in your company and there's certainly no need to go around telling everyone that everything they're doing is wrong. The team often uses whatever tools they are most comfortable with, so that they can achieve the results that are expected of them.

The images below show artifacts and rituals that are frequently used in most companies, and you need to know what they are and how they work.
How to motivate developers
Developers are a unique brand of employees. Good developers are in very high demanded in the labor market, and can easily find interesting, high-paying jobs. Plus they're very smart guys (and gals) :)

This leads to a simple conclusion. We need to help them: make their tasks more interesting, and find ways to motivate them with something other than money. So how can we motivate the developers to be interested in what they're doing?
Documentation Templates
One of the direct results of the Product Manager's work is documentation. The larger the company, the more serious its work processes, and the better your skills to create various forms of documentation need to be. Arguably, the most important documents that a PM can create are the terms of reference (TOR) and the project roadmap.