Types of Documentation
Now watch a video about the various types of documents that a Product Manager needs to be able to produce. We hope that you didn't think that all a Product Manager does is just sit back with his (or her) feet on the table and barks orders at subordinates. Sometimes you will have to write multi-page TORs. But if you actually like the service (or product) that you're working on and feel inspired by it, then even this process can bring you joy!
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Additional materials
A not very recent, but still very relevant article about “button thinking" - a way out of this thinking is user stories ;)
Figma – a free template and prototype development tool.
Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) is a free collaboration board. Everything is possible here: from prototypes to various collaborative diagrams and roadmaps.
Axure – advanced prototyping tool (paid service).
Tilda – website creation platform (free trial period of 2 weeks).