Practice assignment
The ball is in your court. Below, you will find the assignment that you will need to be complete and submit for review.

Product: marketplace for mobile communications tech and other consumer electronics.
Case: create a landing page for accepting inquiries from online stores. The store provides a name, URL, and link to the product feed. Inquiries need to be collected from the landing and inserted into a Google spreadsheet.

In your Mega-file, insert the link to your landing page as well as the link to the generated list of inquiries.

Just a friendly reminder: you don't need to do the hometask assignment using this specific case! You can (and it will be awesome if you did) come up with your own topic and do the entire hometask assignment on it ;)
Some reminders for completing home task

Use the template from the class
Try to make the most of the templates that are attached to the lecture when completing the HW assignment. By doing so, you will learn how to complete tasks in the same form that they are often assigned in large-product companies.
Complete the task in your mega file
Remember that the file with all HW assignments looks something like this, so that all your practical work is in one place. This way it'll be easy to return to a relevant example in your day-to-day work ;)
Mark that your HW is ready to review in the students file
In the students file (found here), please put "yes" next to the number of the HW assignment that you have made, so that we can accept it for review.
Please attach a link to your completed homework

If you have any questions about this class, feel free to ask your Mentor @MentorProductStarGlobalBot
Hometask is reviewed within a couple of days after submitting. In the progress file, you will see whether your HW has been accepted or not.
HW sent for review - what's next?
So what's next?
That's easy:
1. You finish the hometask assignments and send it to us
2. We will review the assignment (over the course of a few days) and provide feedback on your work
3. Every Monday and Thursday, we send you a link to the next chapter!
4. Please leave us some feedback on this lesson (below) :)

Let's move on! ;)

If you have already submitted the assignments for review, then now is the perfect time to take a look at some of the useful additional materials (as well as interviews with invited guest speakers), which we were happy to compile below for your convenience.
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Большое спасибо за участие! Мы получили фидбэк и учтём его
Additional materials from our invited guests
We held a short interview about the Product Team's Processes, which should provide you with some very useful insights.

Today we our guests are — Sofia Pogrebynska (Product Manger, PayPal, ex-Amazon) and ...
Sofia Pogrebynska
Product Manager at PayPal
Speaker's Name
Speaker's job posiiton
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