Info: about the graduation project
Throughout the course, you will complete a practice assignment at the end of each lecture (Landing page, Customer Journey Map, Metric map, CustDev, Unit Economics, A/B test Planning, and so on).

The final graduation project will be a compilation of these assignments (when you get closer to the end of the course, we will provide you with the format details).

The important thing to know about the project right now is that you need to choose a topic for it (meaning a single topic for all your assignments).

You have some options in this regard:
1) Use a work project – work on real cases using your own product.
2) Come up with your own idea – work on a pet project throughout the course.
3) Use one of the ideas from the suggestions below and work on a fictional product ("B2C car-sharing app ", "B2B-app for receiving orders in a restaurant (for waiters)", "content-sharing and curating app for nursing mothers", "B2C-social network for motorists and automobile enthusiasts"," B2C-app for food deliveries"," B2B-platform for creating and collaborating on company roadmaps").
4) If you're having trouble deciding on (or just don't want to use) a single topic, you can always just work on the cases/topics that are suggested in the assignments.
After you've selected a graduation project topic, try to complete all subsequent practice assignments with your chosen topic as the basis, so that your project will have a single theme.

P.S: some of the tasks may not necessarily fit into the topic of your graduation project. In these cases, simply complete the tasks on a different topic, this isn't the end of the world :)