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online course
Profession: Product Manager

By joining this course, you will be able to learn the profession of Product Manager from the ground up and analyze all the specifics and tools of this profession in detail – from CustDev and Prioritization to OKR and Unit Economics
- 6 months
- access anywhere, anytime
- with practical exercises
- lifetime
What you get
We will help you gain employment throughout the 6 month course
Emphasis on practical application
Practical exercises after each of the 60 lectures using case-studies from industry-leading companies
Mentor support
Finish the course at your own pace
There are currently over 8600 Product Manager job vacancies available from leading companies (many of which we work with), such as Google, Badoo, Microsoft, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook and others.

During the course, we will help you add projects to your portfolio and gain the necessary skills to attain an excellent job at an attractive company.
What you will learn
Learn new Hard Skills related to Product Management
Prioritization, Unit Economics, CustDev, Product Analytics, Monetization, Release Planning, OKR
Boost your Product Management Soft Skills
Cooperation with the development, analytics and marketing teams, pitching your ideas, working with colleagues, keeping and developing members of your own team
Launching your own projects
Learn the lifehacks of rapid prototyping and hypothesis testing and the nuances of working with mobile applications
Learn to manage your team and resources
Delegating tasks and tracking their progress at the team or remote contractor level, planning a budget
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We will answer your questions and tell you more about the course.
How the course works
Study the topic

Watch helpful video tutorials on the platform
Complete homework assignments
At a pace that is comfortable to you
Chat with a mentor

Strengthen knowledge and correct your mistakes
Defend your graduation project (thesis)
And add the project to your portfolio
Product Management Course (6 months)
  • 60 lectures and 60 practical exercises from verified industry professionals
  • Our platform allows you to complete the course at your own pace
  • At the end of the course, we will help you find an employer and prepare for job interviews
  • Great networking opportunity: communicate with peers within the course group and receive mentor support
Course Program (60 lectures and workshops)
Section 1: "Basic Product Manager Skills"
  • Mock interview
  • Immersion into an existing product
  • What is a Product Manager?
  • Product Manager skills and traits
  • Product Team processes and development synergy
  • Product metrics
  • Mock-ups - How to create an effective UI
  • CustDev
  • Prioritization and A/B testing
  • How to determine your PM level (Novice, Junior, Mid-level, Senior) and how to level-up
  • Applied analytics
  • Conclusion / Final
20 hours of theory + 20 hours of practical application
Section 2: "Skills for Mid-level Product Manager
  • Unit economics
  • Product Manager Soft Skills
  • Product Manager Documents
  • Differences in working with B2B- and B2C-products
  • How to quickly hypotheses and determine the MVP
  • Offline Business Digitalization
  • Making the case for your project
  • Subcontractors
  • Growth hacking
  • Reboots / Overhauls
  • Job Interview
  • Conclusion / Final
Section 3: "Mobile Products"
  • Designing a mobile application
  • How to onboard new users
  • Setting up mobile analytics and conducting A/B testing
  • Prototyping a mobile application
  • Under the hood of mobile applications
  • How to promote a mobile app to an existing audience
  • Appstore and Google Play Store Secrets. What you need to know about these platforms.
  • Mobile App Promotion / Marketing + Conclusion / Final
20 hours of theory + 25 hours of practical application
Section 4: "Product Manager Level-up"
  • Product Managers' Common Mistakes
  • Product Vision
  • OKR and Planning
  • Working with a Remote Team
  • International Products
  • Monetization
  • Work with budgets
  • Hiring a team
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Size and Share Evaluation
  • AI Product Management
15 hours of theory + 15 hours of practical application
Section 5: "Thesis (Graduation project) and Employment Assistance "
  • Thesis (Graduation project) work to add to portfolio
  • Resume preparation
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Final review and advice
10 hours of theory + 5 hours of practical application
Receive the complete course outline and consultation
Your resume (CV) and professional skills after the course
Position: Product Manager
Work with confidence as you implement various prioritization approaches to the features of your product
Implement advanced communication skills to gain valuable product development knowledge from you users
MVP and prototyping
Creating products from scratch and use quick hypothesis testing before you even reach the development phase
Growth hacking
Understand how to promote the growth your product many times over
Know how to choose the right monetization model and have the skills necessary to develop it
Unit Economics
Analyze and search for your product's growth points using Unit-economy tools
Applied Analytics
Build end-to-end analytical models for your product
A/B testing
Carry out and analyze the results of A/B tests with correct statistical significance
Mobile Products
Gain experience in mobile product creation and learn how to develop them from scratch
OKR and planning
Understand how to plan releases as well as how to build a roadmap and strategy for your product
Digitalization of offline business
Gain valuable digitalization experience of various types of offline businesses
International products
Learn the nuances of launching and developing products in international markets
Digital certificate
Graduates receive a certificate upon successfully completing the course, which will, combined with the graduation project in your portfolio, build a strong foundation during the employment process.
Where our students find employment
We help our students get invited to interviews and land jobs
Portfolio built on real cases
we will help you complete practical tasks using real cases from industry-leading companies, the results of which can be presented at the interview
CV preparation
we will help you consolidate and organize your experience into an effective resume (CV) that will impress potential employers
Resume folder
we place our students' resumes into a special "folder" which is regularly accessed and reviewed by HR and supervisors from various companies in order to subsequently call in students for interviews
Interview Preparation
we will help you prepare for interviews with companies and conduct student-mentor test interviews to solidify the necessary skills
Help during the probationary period of employment
we will help hold your ground during the probationary period after you are hired
Defending your diploma
potential employers regularly attend our students' diploma defense sessions
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As we inch closer to the start of the course and the limited positions in our classes are filled, the price of the course goes up approximately every week.
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Course speakers
Prashant Kumar Sonu
Senior Product Manager,
Michael Karpov
Product Director,
Adrian Milniken
Chief Product Officer,
Andrey Mende
Product Manager,
Anna Naumova
Senior Product Manager,
Roman Abramov
Product Director,
Vera Rabkina
Head of Reviews,
Mikhail Trutnev
Chief Operating Officer,
What does the platform look like?
Our ProductStar courses have already been completed by over 2000 students, so you can always ask them for recommendations

We also provide a full money-back guarantee during the first month of the course
FAQ - Course Questions
1. Who is the Product course for?
First and foremost, the course is suitable for beginning Product Managers and those who want to switch over to this profession.
We start from the ground up and sequentially structure your knowledge on product management, subsequently solidifying it with practical assignments (after each lecture).
The course is also great for Mid-level Product Managers wishing to close some of the "gaps" in their knowledge, as well as gain experience and useful work templates from PMs from other companies.
2. How long is does it take to finish the course and is it possible to do it faster?
The course is designed to be completed over 6 months, based on the average speed of 2 lectures per week (+ assignments).
At the end of each lecture, the student must complete a practice assignment. When the assignment is successfully completed, the next part of the program becomes accessible. This approach ensures that you maintain the motivation to move on and ensures that we have provided you with all the necessary knowledge to go on to the next lesson.
However, you are free to move at your own pace: move ahead of the program at some places, and slow down at other (for example, during a vacation). This will not affect the speed of verification of your assignments or working with your mentor
3. Are there any satisfaction guarantees and what is ProductStar known for?
I (Mikhail Karpov) am a public figure and, as the creator of ProductStar, assume full responsible for the quality of the courses with my reputation on the line – a reputation which I value greatly.
If you wish to find out about the quality of our courses, the easiest way to accomplish this is to contact our students. Over the course of 3 years, over 2000 people have completed our course and we are always happy to hear their feedback and observe their career growth.
Some of this feedback can be read here: перевод отзывов

We understand that the training format for personally important to every student, therefore we offer a full money-back guarantee within the first month after you start the course, so that you can try out the platform and decide whether it suits you. You will also be able to receive a partial refund after the first month, if you so choose (if the training becomes irrelevant to you, for example) for all the lectures that you have not attended.

We are always in touch and strive for complete satisfaction from out students. Feel free to send us a message on Facebook or Telegram.
4. Can I pay in installments and how is this arranged?
Yes, we provide students the option to pay in installments in the form of a monthly payment spread over the length of the course.
Generally this option is somewhat more expensive than paying the entire amount of up front, so it is up to you to choose the most appropriate payment method.
Bear in mind that this is not a bank-enforced installment plan. You would be paying directly to us once a month during the learning process, and you don't need to sign any documents before or after the course. You are free to stop the learning process at any time you wish.

We understand that the training format for personally important to every student, therefore we offer a full money-back guarantee within the first month after you start the course, so that you can try out the platform and decide whether it suits you. You will also be able to receive a partial refund after the first month, if you so choose (if the training becomes irrelevant to you, for example) for all the lectures that you have not attended.
5. Is it possible to pay for the course using a company / business account?
Of course! Many companies pay for their employees' training.
To get started with this process, you just need to fill out the following questionnaire, and we will help the rest -

Payment is made to our bank account and we provide all the necessary closing documents. If necessary, we can also sign an agreement.

When a course is purchased for more than 5 employees, we provide a discount for legal entities (companies). Send us an inquiry to find out about all of our available promotions. We hope to see you at the course!
FAQ - Platform and Content Questions
6. How do you help students with employment? Do you issue a certificate or diploma?
If they wish, every student has the option to give us his or her resume, which we place into a folder along with all the other students' resumes (who have chosen to hand one in). This folder is regularly accessed and reviewed by representatives from our partner companies with the goal of finding new employees.
Also, the aforementioned partner companies analyze your course scores (given for practical assignments) and attend students' graduation project defense sessions. With this information in hand, they select the best students for potential employment opportunities.

Aside from this, we help students professionally prepare their resumes (using our experience and recommendations of leading experts from industry-leading companies), as well as conduct test interviews (so that you get some practice and receive useful feedback before you move on to a real-life interview).

Thirdly, our practical assignments are based on real cases from major companies, so it will be easier for you to understand how the companies operate at the interview.
It's important to note that you will meet many leading specialists in the field during the course and show them the results of your practical work. There are often been cases when specialists have evaluated students' skills, and have invited them to join their team after the course.

Generally, most of our students are hired for product management positions before the course even ends, but if you have difficulty finding a job in the industry, we will take an individual approach to helping you, with the help of our HR department and existing networks :)

As for the diploma, due to the fact that ProductStar is recognized by most of the companies on the market and we have worked (or are currently working) closely with them, our diplomas carry their weight and are taken into account during the employment process.
A sample diploma can be found here:
7. What do the practice assignments and the graduation project entail?
After each lecture, you will have to complete a practice assignment (in other words, Homework).
Each assignment usually takes about an hour or two to complete, after which, you submit it for review and receive feedback and correction recommendations.
The graduation project will be a culmination of all the skills you've learned by completing homework assignments.

The cases that the practical assignments are built upon are actual cases from real-world companies, meaning you will be working on cases from services such as Google, Amazon, Kotak, Gojek and various other industry leaders, in order to better understand the challenges that these companies face.

The most useful practice is to gain first-hand experience using real-world tools. For this reason, we provide access to already configured services throughout the course (Google Analytics, Tableau, Miro, Unit Economics templates, A/B test calculators, etc.)

The best part about the assignments is that you don't have to "huff and puff" your way through them alone; the speaker from the lecture will also help you get through it. For most tasks, we record an applied workshop (with the lecturer) for the homework – first he/she completes it, and then you are given a similar task as the HW assignment.

To switch things up, you will also complete some of the assignments in groups. This will help keep your motivation up, as well as gain valuable experience from the course's other students (there will also be a group Telegram chat for speakers and students where you will always be able to ask questions and exchange useful knowledge).
8. Will the course materials be updated and will they be accessible after the course is completed?
Yes, we know that many courses suffer from the problem of quickly outdated or obsolete information as a result of the materials not being updated.
However, we guarantee that our course materials are frequently updated to market demands and innovations.

We also support all students after the end of the course:
- you will have personal access to all course materials after you've finished the course;
- you will have access to our community and the speakers will continue to answer your questions.
9. What does the platform look like? I want to take a look at it before making a purchase.
The 6-month course includes several themed sections (they can be studied in more detail in the course outline), each section is divided into several lectures.

Each lecture consists of:
1) Table of contents: so that you immediately have a structured view of the materials
2) Video materials, broken up into 10-15 minute segments
After each segment, there's a quiz to solidify the newly acquired knowledge + additional materials
3) Also, the speaker conducts a workshop with screen-sharing for the practice part, so that you can watch how professionals work on cases from real-life situations
4) After having studied the workshop, you will have to perform a similar task on your own. In order for you to use the newly acquired skills, we provide templates for completing the practical work (which will also be useful in complete tasks in your actual job)
5) Next, you will receive feedback on the results of your practical assignment and proceed to the next lecture

You can watch a sample lecture by following this link:
10. Will I be able to communicate with lecturers? Will there be a community for students?
We believe that communication is an important part of the learning process, which accelerates your development.

Therefore, the following will be available during the course:
- a group Telegram chat with the course's speakers and students
- individual communication with a mentor
- individual verification and feedback for practice assignments

Also, our course comes with a guarantee that course materials are frequently updated as well as support for all students after the course is completed:
- you will have personal access to all course materials
- you will have access to our community and speakers, who will continue to answer your questions
"ProductStar" Course Reviews
I really like the quality of the lecture materials, and especially the way the organizers and guest lecturers structured their experience into the presented lessons. I also like the fact that speakers have different views on product management, and have a wide variety of experience and specializations in the industry, because this allows the students to form their own understanding of the profession.
Alexander Eliseev (listener)
Data Engineer в Wrike
Very useful and practical course! NPS-9 (so that there is room to grow on the second go :)) It's incredibly important that you can listen to and chat with great experts, learn about some interesting cases, ask any question you want after lectures and ask for further materials if you want to immerse yourself deeper into the topic, all without interfering with your day job. If I had to describe the course in 3 words, they would be: structure, communication, and growth!
Artyom Nuriev (listener)
Senior marketing analyst,
An excellent collection of topics that are founded in what is actually useful in real-life work, not just textbook outlines of product management. There are many industry professional speakers who talk about the various processes in the different companies where they work and share their personal experience in solving various real-life work problems. They also pay close attention to questions and break them down incredibly well - you really get in-depth answers. If you don't have much practice, or if you would just like to become a product manager in general and immerse yourself in the profession, I recommend this course!
Product Manager, 2GIS
Very cool course! Misha and Roma are incredibly positive people and are very responsive - they will always answer you and advise you. The difficulty lies in coming up with a good question! :) I really like that there are many different lecturers from different fields, and each has their own experience and opinions. I think this really helps to see things from different angles. I would love to see more analyses of specific cases, but, of course, I can always ask for them. Thanks!
Mikhail Nesterenko (listener)
Project manager, Bookmate
The best way to gain a better understanding of something is to explain it to others, so I was glad that I could participate as a speaker. The format of the webinar is unconventional, but observing other speakers showed me that you can receive plenty of useful feedback from the audience if you proactively engage in a dialogue with your listeners.
Sergey Mikheev (speaker)
Senior Associate at The Boston Consulting Group
I really enjoyed giving lectures in this course. First of all, it was interesting to work on the materials. And secondly, the lectures have amazing group dynamics, and an inspirational atmosphere in general. The way it was organization, and the platform itself - everything worked perfectly.
Product Manager, Amazon
Cost of education:
€480 for the full course or €80 per month
30% discount for first 20 students
Price of entire course: 690 EURO
Product Director Skyeng, ex-VK / Яндекс
If you have questions about the Product Manager course, you can write to me directly. As one of the creators of this course, I will be happy to answer your questions as well:
WhatsApp: +79117690021