Let's talk about what you can verify with A/B tests
An A/B test is what we get when we can create a certain point inside our code that varies our product. That is, it makes the product different depending on whether we get heads or tails.
Before you run the experiment, you need to decide on which metrics to use.
What can be verified with A/B testing?
Make sure your A/B test result is meaningful and helps you make more money :)
OK, let's move on
How to conduct A/B tests
The idea behind conducting an A/B test is rather simple. Users of the web product are randomly divided into two groups. One of the groups remains unchanged - this is the control group (group "A"). Based on the data that's gathered from this group, we can evaluate the effect of the newly introduced changes. We then show the modified version of the resource to users from group "B". Let's take a look at this topic in more detail.
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