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Vivek Bharadwaj
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"Exploring Skills and Traits
required to be a Product Manager"
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Product Management Course (6 months)
  • 60 lectures and 60 practical exercises from verified industry professionals
  • Our platform allows you to complete the course at your own pace
  • At the end of the course, we will help you find an employer and prepare for job interviews
  • Great networking opportunity: communicate with peers within the course group and receive mentor support
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6-month Product Management Course
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So who will be the speakers during the course?
Prashant Kumar Sonu
Senior Product Manager,
Michael Karpov
Product Director,
Adrian Milniken
Chief Product Officer,
Andrey Mende
Product Manager,
Anna Naumova
Senior Product Manager,
Roman Abramov
Product Director,
Vera Rabkina
Head of Reviews,
Mikhail Trutnev
Chief Operating Officer,
Course Program (6 months)
but you can complete it at your own pace
Section 1: "Basic Product Manager Skills"
  • Mock interview
  • Immersion into an existing product
  • What is a Product Manager?
  • Product Manager skills and traits
  • Product Team processes and development synergy
  • Product metrics
  • Mock-ups - How to create an effective UI
  • CustDev
  • Prioritization and A/B testing
  • How to determine your PM level (Novice, Junior, Mid-level, Senior) and how to level-up
  • Applied analytics
  • Conclusion / Final
20 hours of theory + 20 hours of practical application
Section 2: "Skills for Mid-level Product Manager
  • Unit economics
  • Product Manager Soft Skills
  • Product Manager Documents
  • Differences in working with B2B- and B2C-products
  • How to quickly hypotheses and determine the MVP
  • Offline Business Digitalization
  • Making the case for your project
  • Subcontractors
  • Growth hacking
  • Reboots / Overhauls
  • Job Interview
  • Conclusion / Final
20 hours of theory + 20 hours of practical application
Section 3: "Mobile Products"
  • Designing a mobile application
  • How to onboard new users
  • Setting up mobile analytics and conducting A/B testing
  • Prototyping a mobile application
  • Under the hood of mobile applications
  • How to promote a mobile app to an existing audience
  • Appstore and Google Play Store Secrets. What you need to know about these platforms.
  • Mobile App Promotion / Marketing + Conclusion / Final
20 hours of theory + 25 hours of practical application
Section 4: "Product Manager Level-up"
  • Product Managers' Common Mistakes
  • Product Vision
  • OKR and Planning
  • Working with a Remote Team
  • International Products
  • Monetization
  • Work with budgets
  • Hiring a team
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Size and Share Evaluation
  • AI Product Management
15 hours of theory + 15 hours of practical application
Section 5: "Thesis (Graduation project) and Employment Assistance "
  • Thesis (Graduation project) work to add to portfolio
  • Resume preparation
  • Preparing for a job interview
  • Final review and advice
10 hours of theory + 5 hours of practical application
What will be in the course?
6 months of training
the best industry's top specialists - 60 lectures and workshops
Flexible study schedule
study at a time convenient for you, recordings are available
Webinars, workshops
Live Question-answer sessions, group chat with participants allowing for the free-flow exchange of experience
Graduation project
full development of your work project or pet-project, which will solidify the knowledge that you gained thoughout the course
after going through each lesson, you will be provided with video recordings of the lectures, chat logs materials, and a homework assignment
Employment assistance
pre-interview training sessions and recommendations from course creators and guests
We help students find jobs in:
We helped 2000+ students graduate with 90% successful job placement
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