How to be a Product Manager

An educational platform that uses cases from real companies
Small introduction
Hi! We created this platform to bring more awesome Product Managers to the world. The knowledge that you will receive from this course's speakers, combined with the practical assignments that you will complete throughout the course, will provide a solid foundation - and we believe that the world will become a bit better and more convenient as a result :)

We will always be glad to receive your feedback regarding our course and the platform in general.

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How does it work
Study the topic

Video lectures, case studies and quizzes to consolidate knowledge
Complete assignments
Work at a pace that comfortable for you and receive feedback on your work.
Chat with a mentor
Consolidate knowledge and correct mistakes
Open a new lecture
After completing and checking all the tasks of the current section
What kinds of cases will you be practicing on?
All assignments are created on the basis of real cases from well-known companies. For your convenience we have created a template to help you complete the assignments.
I understand the course format – I’m ready to start!
What you will learn
Learn new Hard Skills related to Product Management
Prioritization, Unit Economics, CustDev, Product Analytics, Monetization, Release Planning, OKR
Boost your Product Management Soft Skills
Cooperation with the development, analytics and marketing teams, pitching your ideas, working with colleagues, keeping and developing members of your own team
Launching your own projects
Learn the lifehacks of rapid prototyping and hypothesis testing and the nuances of working with mobile applications
Learn to manage your team and resources
Delegating tasks and tracking their progress at the team or remote contractor level, planning a budget